Accepted Papers

  • Sumit Mehra, Jantine van den Helder, Ben J.A. Kröse, Raoul H.H. Engelbert, Peter J.M. Weijs and Bart Visser
    The Use of a Tablet to Increase Exercise Adherence
  • Cindel Bonneux, Gustavo Rovelo Ruiz, Paul Dendale and Karin Coninx
    Theory-Informed Design Guidelines for Shared Decision Making Tools for Health Behaviour Change
  • Ashfaq Adib and Rita Orji
    A Systematic Review of Persuasive Strategies in Mobile E-Commerce Applications and Their Implementations
  • Edson Lipa Urbina, Nelly Condori-Fernández and Franci Suni Lopez
    Towards an Automatic Generation of Persuasive Messages
  • Tim Draws, Zoltán Szlávik, Benjamin Timmermans, Nava Tintarev, Kush R. Varshney and Michael Hind
    Disparate Impact Diminishes Consumer Trust Even for Advantaged Users
  • Monique Dittrich and Nils Mathew
    Emotional Feedback to Mitigate Aggressive Driving: A Real-World Driving Study
  • Chris Branch, Catherine Beaton, Michael McQuaid and Elissa Weeden
    Perceptions of Ethics in Persuasive User Interfaces
  • Abdul-Hammid Olagunju, Marcella Ogenchuk and Julita Vassileva
    Mobile persuasive application for responsible alcohol use: drivers for use and impact of social influence strategies
  • Roberto Legaspi, Wenzhen Xu, Tatsuya Konishi and Shinya Wada
    Positing A Sense of Agency-Aware Persuasive AI - Its Theoretical and Computational Frameworks
  • Mojgan Hashemian, Marta Couto, Samuel Mascarenhas, Ana Paiva, Pedro A. Santos and Rui Prada
    Persuasive Social Robot using Reward Power over Repeated Instance of Persuasion
  • Deniz Cemiloglu, Mohammad Naiseh, Maris Catania, Harri Oinas-Kukkonen and Raian Ali
    The Fine Line between Persuasion and Digital Addiction
  • Mina Khan, Glenn Fernandes, Akash Vaish, Mayank Manuja, Pattie Maes and Agnis Stibe
    Improving Context-aware Habit-support Interventions using Egocentric Visual Contexts
  • Mina Khan, Glenn Fernandes and Pattie Maes
    Users want Diverse, Multiple, and Personalized Behavior Change Support: Need-finding Survey
  • Gerwin Huizing, Randy Klaassen and Dirk Heylen
    Designing Effective Dialogue Content for a Virtual Coaching Team Using the Interaction Process Analysis and Interpersonal Circumplex Models
  • Max Jalowski
    Using Inspiration Cards for Designing Persuasive Technology to Improve Creative Situations
  • Sandra Burri Gram-Hansen
    Defining features of behavior design – and where to go next?
  • Andrea Cuadra, Oluseye Bankole and Michael Sobolev
    Planning Habit: Daily Planning Prompts with Alexa
  • Melissa Donnermann, Philipp Schaper and Birgit Lugrin
    Towards Adaptive Robotic Tutors in Universities: A Field Study
  • Eunice Eno Yaa Frimponmaa Agyei and Harri Oinas-Kukkonen
    Are user manuals obsolete with persuasive systems?
  • Matouš Jelínek and Kerstin Fischer
    The Role of Emotional Expression in Behavior Change Coaching by a Social Robot
  • Maliha Mahbub, Najia Manjur and Julita Vassileva
    Towards Better Rating Scale Design : An Experimental Analysis on the Influence of User Preference and Visual Cues on User Response
  • Najia Manjur, Maliha Mahbub and Julita Vassileva
    Exploring the Impact of Color on User Ratings: A Personality and Culture-Based Approach
  • Sitwat Langrial, Jaap Ham and Fannah Al Fannah Al Araimi
    Making Them Use It: User Perceptions that Determine the Acceptance of Persuasive Interventions for Child Healthcare
  • Felix Nti Koranteng, Jaap Ham and Isaac Wiafe
    Investigating User Perceptions of Persuasive Design Elements that Influence Perceived Credibility
  • Muna Alhammad, Isaac Wiafe and Stephen Gulliver
    Exploring the Impact of Persuasive Features on Customer Satisfaction Levels of E-Commerce Websites based on the Kano Model